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Solar photovoltaic AG glass
Architectural engineering decorative glass
Enhancing transparency and reducing reflection on furniture, household appliances, and glass
Intelligent blackboard AG glass
Intelligent blackboard AG glass
Chalk writing, water proof, safety and protection of students nuanced audio-visual integration, wisdom; teaching; anti glare technology, green eye: high light filtering technology, effective filtering of 80% harmful light, protect eyesight; anti glare technology, the light reflection process, prevent reflection; visual angle of 178 degrees, do not affect the outside of the two row the students watched; 20 nano touch, meet people at the same time interaction; multiple dimensions, multi scene application:
Intelligent blackboard AG glass
Intelligent blackboard AG glass
The picture has a good definition and can work perfectly in the sun! Simple operation: no need of computer knowledge; fluent writing pen with manual, written at random, smooth strokes; interactive display: annotation commenting freely in the courseware exchange; courseware courseware can be rich: PPT, PDF, word etc.. Touch without delay, easy to achieve handwritten characters, graphics, filling and other functions! Anti glare glass effect awesome!
AG glass for conference machine
AG glass for conference machine
The company uses high quality AG glass, and close cooperation with the conference machine manufacturers, to meet its full fitting technology AG glass, delicate and smooth, whiteboard pen easy to write, easy to wipe, multi-functional applications, show clear handwriting, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, soft tone, stylish and beautiful! In any angle can be normal viewing, visual effect is very good, effectively protect the user's visual health!
Full application of nano AG glass in education, demonstration, conference and other scenes

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