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Introduction of Sansa Photoelectric Technology
Xiangshi Photoelectric Technology (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. is a largest glass technology manufacturer in China, which is good at developing, producing and selling acid etched glass.Our main product: Anti-glare glass, Anti-reflective glass, Thinning glass.The products are mainly used for intelligent blackboard, projection whiteboard, multimedia all-in-one,industrial control instrument, car, mobile, computer, etc. We have builded three factory in Jiading, Shanghai, Qingpu, Shanghai, Kunshan, Jiangsu. There are professional etching production line, automatic cutting, grinding, tempering, screen printing and other glass deep-processing production line.  The company responded positively to the national environmental protection policy, invested nearly 10 million RMB to build a professional production waste water treatment station, so as to achieve zero release, all recycling use.
Xiangshi Glass will always improve the technology and quality with the craftsman spirit, maximize customer satisfaction, pursuit of excellence and create brilliance with customers. 


Kunshan Jiangsu factory
Qingpu Shanghai factory
Jiading Shanghai factory

Hot line: 400 820 0368
Tel: 0512-50137800
Add: Kunshan City, Jiangsu Province, Pu Road Qiandeng Town, No. 61 Wen
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