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Shenzhen all touch and display exhibition
Suzhou light auspicious Display Glass Co., Ltd. (C-TOUCH SHENZHEN & DISPLAY 2017) is the 2017 China (Shenzhen) International touch screen and display exhibition, referred to as the 2017 Shenzhen total touch and display exhibition (Kunshan, China)
Shenzhen international total touch and display based on the core areas of China's electronic manufacturing industry, is the touch screen industry far-reaching, large-scale professional exhibition. In this showcase platform first-class touch technology, not only gathered nearly 1000 domestic and international well-known brands have more opportunities and more than 35000 students from around the world, touch screen display, home appliances, mobile phone, tablet computer design and consumer electronics manufacturing industry to attract more buyers, driving computer, navigation, education and commercial large size display customer core industries. In addition, the exhibition also through dozens of high-quality seminars, well-known media interviews, a full range of E channels to promote exhibitors will bring more market exposure opportunities. Invites you to participate in the Shenzhen International Exhibition and exhibition, in a more convenient and efficient way to maintain customer relations, access to sales clues, promote new products, establish corporate brand image, so as to enhance the competitive advantage of enterprises.
Exhibition time: November 24, 2017 -26
Venue: Shenzhen Convention and Exhibition Center, China
Informative booth: 1C65
Characteristics of full and accurate nano AG glass:
Anti reflection, anti glare, eye protection, body etching, anti slip, anti scratch, easy to write, easy to erase.

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