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1.Concept and method of anti glare
Anti glare (AG) is the effect of anti reflection light on vision of our eyes. Anti-glare glass, also called non reflective glass or anti reflective glass, has a lower reflection ratio than ordinary glass, and the reflectivity of light is reduced from 8% to 1%. We look at the mobile phone screen have such experience, it is not easy to see the mobile phone screen in the sun, and there is no problem in the shade or indoor, this is because in the sun, mobile phone screen glass reflection of the sun light is too strong, the incident to our eye, seriously interferes with our vision caused by, and in under the shade of a tree, the light is weak, the reflected light is greatly reduced, we can see the screen. The anti dazzle glass also has the visual angle and brightness of the display screen, makes the image clearer, the color more gorgeous, the color is more saturated, so as to improve the display effect of the picture obviously (Figure 1).

Figure 1 Comparison of visual effect of anti glare glass
How to prevent glare? There are two ways:
(1) enhancement: that is, by vacuum coating and other surface treatment, as much as possible through the glass or glass absorption, in order to substantially reduce the reflected light into the eye to our line of sight interference (Fig. 2).

2 the intensity of the reflected light on the glass will affect our vision
(2): diffuse special processing on the glass surface, the surface is uneven, the specular reflection original surface to a diffuse, let the reflected light on the surface of glass divergence, rather than concentrated reflection to our eyes, it can help us see the screen (Figure 3). The traditional processing method is to soak glass in hydrofluoric acid, etching it, and change the mirror into rough surface, but this method is very polluting to the environment, and the product yield is difficult to improve. There is another spray method, spraying special water on the surface of glass, after heat curing, it can form diffuse reflection surface. The method is environmentally friendly and has high yield.

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