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Development history
Sansa Course 2001 - 2017
Witness the success of brand road

  • 2001

    ● Shanghai fully Decorative Glass Co., Ltd. formally established. The same year, has applied for more than 30 varieties of product design patent.

    ● For the first time to participate in the international glass technology exhibition, to boost business development.

    ● Get the title of green building materials and open up the brand road.

  • 2003

    ● The establishment of the Shanghai Xiangshi glass limited company, completed the construction of a glass factory nanxiang.

    ● Through the ISO9001 quality management system certification.

    ● National 3C compulsory certification, pay attention to quality, enter the market.

  • 2004

    ● Two and three to complete the construction of Shanghai Nanxiang project, a full set of the introduction of foreign advanced technology.

    ● The same year in November to participate in the German Dusseldorf international glass technology exhibition, became the first batch of domestic enterprises to participate in international exhibitions of glass enterprises.

  • 2005

    ● With Donghua University to build R & D center, enhance the manufacturing process, drive the rapid development of the whole industry.

  • 2006

    ● A number of distribution service centers have been established throughout the country to further speed up the orders feedback speed and delivery capacity.

  • 2007

    ● Qingpu factory 20000 square meters completed and put into use.

    ● The introduction of automatic dust-free Dewey plate production line from abroad, the production capacity of 15 million square meters, both the product quality and ability have reached the highest level in the industry.

  • 2008

    ● Standardizing the healthy development of the industry, leading the drafting of "China screen printing decorative glass association standards".

    ● In November, the technology research and development center of full and accurate glass was authorized by the government as the Shanghai Jiading District enterprise technology center, which is the first enterprise in China's decorative glass industry to be awarded the honor.

    ● Get the title of famous brand of building materials industry in Shanghai.

  • 2009

    ● In cooperation with the Design Institute of Fudan University, we have jointly developed the product design which conforms to the international trend of home furnishing concept. The innovative, fashionable and elegant design has won the praise and favor of the end consumer, and has been unanimously recognized by the vast number of customers.

  • 2010

    ● Under the guidance of domestic well-known strategic companies, revised the new value concept of full glass enterprise.

  • 2012

    ● The new factory is located in Jiangsu city of Kunshan province and accurate completion of the use, covers an area of 130 acres.

  • 2015

    ● Enterprise sewage treatment station acceptance standard officially put into operation.

    ● Export orders increased by 30%.

  • 2016

    ● AG product sales rose 20% over last year.

    ● Participated in the biennial GLASSTEC glass technology exhibition held in DUSSELDORF, germany.

  • 2017

    ● Detailed glass and domestic first-line brand education machine, conference machine manufacturers to achieve long-term supply of AG glass cooperation, AG glass sales increased.

    ● In the same year, the company sales and technical personnel participated in the AG glass exhibition.

    ● November 2017 24-26, full energy saving glass (Kunshan) Co., Ltd. participated in the Shenzhen whole touch and display exhibition.


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