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4.Application of anti glare glass
Anti glare glass is mainly used in mobile phone, touch screen, advanced photo frame, electronic whiteboard, flat panel TV, rear projection TV, LCD screen, TV splicing wall, industrial instruments and meters and other fields.
Anti glare electronic whiteboard: the collection of electronic technology, software technology, etc., through the electromagnetic induction principle, combined with calculators and projectors, paperless office teaching can be achieved.
Anti glare liquid crystal display: for flat ultra thin display equipment, it is composed of a certain number of color or black and white pixels, placed in front of the light source or reflector.
Anti glare DLP large screen electronic whiteboard: that is, the image signal is processed by digital, and then converted to light signal projection, called Digital Light Procession technology.
Anti dazzle electronic screen: anti glare screen is a fine product of glass surface is a special process, the principle is the high quality glass single and double-sided process, as compared with the ordinary glass has a lower reflection ratio, the reflectivity of light is reduced to below 1%, while reducing interference from ambient light the. The naked 3D display glass and its products, the video files by special software decomposition, synthesis, continuous playback video, viewers do not need to wear glasses, you can enjoy the details, such as Eagles cleaved the sky. lifelike, Ten thousand steeds gallop. breathtaking visual feast.
Anti glare touch panel: also known as touch panel, a receiving contact signal input of the induction type liquid crystal display device, when exposed to the graphics on the screen when the button on the screen angle feedback system based on pre programmed drive connection device can replace the mechanical button panel, and by the liquid crystal the display shows vivid audio-visual effects.
Anti glare screen mobile phone: mobile phone screen has three kinds: namely TFT-LED LCD screen, and has the advantages of high speed, high brightness and high contrast; UFB-LED LCD screen, with a thin, high brightness and other characteristics, can display 65536 colors, resolution up to 128 x 160, designed for mobile phone and PDA, can reduce the pixel spacing. In order to obtain a clearer image quality; STN screen, its advantage is low power consumption, energy saving, but on the performance of color than the first two.
Anti glare glass and other applications: vending machine, electronic game machine, touch one machine, a machine, terminal machine, KTV karaoke machine, electronic sand machine, independent ATM, multimedia touch machine, the naked eye 3D anti glare screen etc..
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